High Pulse Poker – Exclusive €6K Leaderboard! Start building your Bankroll Now!

Ноябрь 14, 2011 Poker News

High Pulse Poker – Exclusive €6K Leaderboard! Start building your Bankroll Now!

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BankrollMob is proud to announce a new and exclusive collaboration with one of the most interesting new poker rooms out there – High Pulse Poker!

High Pulse Poker is a new and innovative poker room on a independent platform. As of now, High Pulse Poker has not been offering real money poker games but players have been able to build their bankrolls simply by playing the freerolls. On the 15th of November, High Pulse Poker will launch their Real Money games. This means that your freeroll credits will be converted into REAL CASH. With a total of €750,000 added for conversion, this November 15th at 14:00 will surely be a day to look forward to – lots of loose play and great action! You will not be able to catch fish this easy in any other pond – so get your gear together, mark your calender and set the alarm – we’re going fishin’ boys!

This is how it works:
High Pulse Poker has a good selection of freerolls already up and running. The freerolls are for you to enjoy for free and the winnings are added to your account. You will be able to convert your freeroll winnings into real cash money on November the 15th. The funds will be at your disposal – play and rake or cash it out!

High Pulse Poker is offering the below freeroll schedule at the moment:

- €250 Daily Special Every Day at 20:00 CET!
- €25 Every Hour Around the Clock!
- €10 Every Quarter Around the Clock!

In addition to the daily freerolls, High Pulse Poker is also offering 5 X €2,000 freerolls.

So it’s safe to say, that it’s well worth it for you to click here and register your free account and start building your bankroll NOW and get ready for the Real Money Launch!

But there’s more…

High Pulse Poker €6,000 Exclusive Leaderboard for BankrollMob!

BankrollMob is also happy to announce an exclusive €6,000 leaderboard for you! Starting on the 11th of November at 20:00 CET, BankrollMob is hosting a 10 day leaderboard competition where an exclusive daily freeroll with a €500 prize pool and a cool €1,000 added to the leaderboard for the top finishers – only for players from BankrollMob! That’s 10 X €500 + €1,000 which equals a total of €6,000 for you to battle for!

How it works:
- BankrollMob have ten €500 freerolls at High Pulse Poker, one every day. You can play as many as you like as long as you are tracked to BankrollMob. Find them on High Pulse Poker. The freerolls passwords are listed in the freerolls section here on BRM.
- The prize (euros) you win in the freeroll(s) is converted directly to points for the leaderboard, ie. €9.75 prize win will give you 9.75 points on the leaderboard. You also get to keep the euros in your High Pulse Poker account.
- When the leaderboard ends, top 30 players will win their share of the €500 prize pool, directly to their High Pulse Poker account. Top 200 win entry to a €500 freeroll. Click here for prizes.

How to participate:
1. Signup for a free Mob account here at BankrollMob, if you haven’t already.
2. Create a High Pulse Poker account tracked to BankrollMob (otherwise you won’t be able to join the leaderboard) – and get ready for when €750,000 are converted into real money on November 15th! 
3. Register your High Pulse Poker nick name on the High Pulse Poker leaderboard page. This is a must, otherwise you will not earn points for the leaderboard.
4. Play as many of our High Pulse Poker freerolls as you like, to earn points for the leaderboard. Good luck!

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